The Ultimate Guide to Product Badges

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Are you using product badges to promote products within your e-commerce store? If not, you might be missing out on some sales. Product badges let you make more sales from your existing customers by highlighting key product details. You can even use badges to tap into powerful psychological triggers such as scarcity, social proof, and urgency to boost sales. In … Read More

High Converting Product Badge Ideas From 3 Top E-commerce Merchants

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Product badges are an excellent way to highlight products and boost sales. According to one source, using product badges on your e-commerce site can increase conversion rates by 55%. Product badges have numerous benefits including: Helping shoppers find products more easily Increasing conversions by using social proof Getting customers to buy now with scarcity and urgency Creatively and efficiently educating … Read More

While Supplies Last: Increase Conversions With Urgency and Scarcity

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The situation is simple: You sell products on your e-commerce site and want people to buy them. Your job is figuring out how to get potential buyers to invest their money in what you’re selling. For as long as merchants have sold goods and services, messages like “while supplies last” and “get ’em while they’re hot” have been used. Contained … Read More