Boost your Shopify sales with personal product recommendations

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updated Aug 16, 2017
Boost your Shopify sales with personal product recommendations

As you may recall, i’ve mentioned in the past that I am a big fan of reading.

My love of reading was inspired by my Mom. I spent a lot of time going to the library as a kid.

Now that I have 2 kids of my own, I like to take them on regular trips to the library to pass on this family reading tradition.

On our most recent trip to our local library, this book display caught my eye:

As you can see, this display is filled with personal recommendations from members of the library staff. These recommendations are a great way to help people find their next good book.

Providing personal recommendations can also be a great strategy to help your customers find the right products within your Shopify store. You can apply the concept seen above within your own Shopify store to help your customers find the right products.

In today’s post, I’d like to discuss how you can use personal product recommendations in your Shopify store. We’ll discuss:

  • Why personal product recommendations can lead to more sales
  • Best practices for personal product recommendations
  • How to add personal product recommendations to your Shopify store

Why personal product recommendations can lead to more sales

Personal product recommendations can lead to more sales within your Shopify store.

Why is this?

Staff picks can act as social proof

First off, a personal product recommendation from one of the staff in your store can act as a form of social proof. When someone on your staff recommends an item, this carries a lot of weight.

Who is better equipped to recommend products than someone who works with them every day?

Your staff pick can act as an expert opinion of what are the best products to consider. This can act as a trusted opinion which should resonate with many of your customers.

Recommendations help customers find products faster

Personal recommendations can help your customers find good product ideas fast. If a customer can’t find a worthy product on your store fast, they may not stick around very long.

Before your customer leaves, you want to make sure you put your best products front and center.

Staff picks are a great way to show case some of your best products easily.

Build a lasting relationship with your customers

Staff picks can also help you build a lasting relationship with your customers.

How is this?

When I find a library staff member that consistently recommends books that I like, I am much more likely to keep checking back for more. The same is true for the products you sell in your store.

By having your customers connect with and trust your staff’s picks, your customers are more likely to keep coming back for future recommendations.

Best practices for personal product recommendation

To make the most out of personal product recommendations, here are a few best practices to keep in mind:

1. Include your staff member’s name and a photo

Be sure to include your staff member’s first name and optionally a photo. This adds a personal touch and should make for a more powerful recommendation.

2. Display staff pick labels prominently

You can use badges or text to make it clear that a product is recommended by a member of your staff. Making it clear which products are recommended should make them easier to find and buy.

My library does a great job with this by adding a bookmark with each staff members name and a small avatar that resembles them:

3. Add multiple staff picks for variety

Depending on your store and number of employees, it may make sense to add multiple separate staff picks.

For example, in the case of my library, each staff member tends to have a unique set of book genres they recommend.

Giving your customers multiple staff pick lists to choose from can help your customers find a staff member that has similar tastes to their own. This should make the picks much more meaningful.

How to add personal product recommendations to your Shopify store

If you’d like to try adding staff picks to your Shopify store, here are a few tips to get started.

Use product tags to track staff picks

Product tags are a great way to extend the functionality of your Shopify store. In this case, you can use product tags to track your staff picks.

For example, if I were tracking my own staff picks I might add the product tag toms-picks to any product in my shop that I wanted to include.

This tag can then be referenced within your Shopify theme, and collection settings to complete your staff pick setup.

Display your staff picks with product badges or text

Once you have your products tagged with your staff picks, you are ready to start showcasing them throughout your store. You’ll want to be sure your customers can easily tell a product is a staff pick as they are browsing through your store.

You can modify your theme to add product badges or text next to your products to display the staff pick details. For each product that has a staff pick product tag, you can display a badge or text such as this one:

Use collections to showcase staff picks

You can also display each of your staff’s picks within a collection for easy browsing.

For example, I could create a Tom’s Picks collection in my store by including all products that have the product tag toms-picks.

Then this collection will include all of my picks in one place. Any shoppers that like my picks can then refer back to this collection to find future product recommendations.

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Personal product recommendations can be a great complement to your existing product marketing strategies.

Adding staff picks can be a great way to provide personal product recommendations within your store.

Providing personal recommendations can help you build long lasting relationships with your customers over time.

When done well, personal recommendations should lead to more sales since customers are able to find products more easily based on your trusted recommendation.

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