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Boost your Shopify Black Friday sales with these 5 promotion ideas

October 25, 2017 Boost your Shopify Black Friday sales with these 5 promotion ideas

Black Friday is fast approaching and with it kicks of the start of the busy shopping season.

Did you know that Black Friday internet sales are on the rise?

In fact, last year Black Friday internet sales surpassed $3 billion for the first time ever.

Black Friday sales rose 21.6 percent to $3.34 billion

There is no time like the present to start planning your Black Friday strategy for your Shopify store.

Have you put together a Black Friday promotion plan for your Shopify store to help you capture some of these sales?

In today’s post, I’d like to share with you 5 promotion ideas to help you make the most out of this year’s Black Friday in your Shopify store.

This will include:

  1. Door busters
  2. Timed promotions
  3. Percent off discounts
  4. Free shipping
  5. Scavenger hunts

#1. Door busters

Don’t let the fact that your Shopify store has no doors stop you from using the tried and true technique of a door buster promotion.

Just think of this as a “virtual” door buster if that makes you feel better.

Door busters are when a deal is almost too good to be true and the quantity is extremely limited.

You can use door busters as a great way to build a rush of shoppers to your Shopify store.

Even though most shoppers will not be able to snatch up one of these door busters, you’ll still have the opportunity to present them with additional offers to capture more sales.

#2. Timed promotions

Door busters can be great to get an initial rush of shoppers to your Shopify store, but how do you keep them coming back throughout Black Friday?

One way you can solve this is by using timed promotions.

The way a timed promotion works is you time your promotions to become available at different times throughout Black Friday.

The goal of timed promotions is to keep a steady flow of customers visiting your store throughout the day.

Timed promotions can help smooth out your sales throughout the day rather than the single initial surge you may get with the door buster technique.

You can also experiment with staggering door busters as timed promotions throughout the day on Black Friday to keep shoppers coming back for more.

#3. Percent off discounts

Your Black Friday promotions don’t have to be overly complicated to be successful.

One of the most simple yet effective types of promotions you can run on Black Friday is a percent off discount.

A percent off discount offers a percentage off discount based on the retail price of the sale items.

To offer a percentage off discount in Shopify, you can use a discount code such as BLACKFRIDAY30 for 30% off eligible items.

If your store is running on Shopify Plus, you can also use the powerful Script Editor to auto-apply these discounts.

Percent off discounts work well because customers can easily see the savings they are getting on the items.

You can make your percent off discounts more effective by making it clear when the sale ends to promote urgency.

#4. Free shipping

Another great way to help turn your Black Friday shoppers into buyers is to offer a Free shipping promotion on your products.

Free shipping lets your customers buy your products without worrying about paying any costs for delivery.

Customers don’t like to pay for shipping because it is just an extra cost with no perceived value for them.

This extra cost can cause customers to hesitate to buy which can cost you the sale.

Removing the shipping cost from the equation should result in more of your Black Friday shoppers converting into buyers.

#5. Scavenger hunts

If you want to get a bit more creative with your Black Friday promotions you can try using a scavenger hunt in your Shopify store.

A scavenger hunt is where you reward your customers with a deal for finding specific products in your Shopify store.

For example, you could add a product badge or indicator to specific items in your store. Then have your customers explore your store to look for those products in order to get the discount.

This discount could be in the form of a discount code that applies to those products such as SCAVENGER. You could also require them to collect pieces of a discount code from each of the product pages to construct the code such as from an anagram.

Scavenger hunts are a great way to motivate your shoppers to explore deeper into your Shopify store. And who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt?

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That concludes this post on 5 promotional ideas to boost your Shopify Black Friday sales.

Hopefully you’ll be able to apply some of these ideas in your Shopify store to make even more sales this Black Friday.

You can continue to apply these techniques throughout the year as well to make even more sales.

Do you have any Black Friday promotion ideas I missed? Let me know in the comments.