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Best sellers in the wild - wine promotion

May 24, 2017 Best sellers in the wild - wine promotion

My friend Matt (creator of the excellent timeline tool Preceden) sent me this picture he took of a wine display at a local wine merchant:

Wine promotion

I guess I talk about best sellers so much around here that my friends are starting to send me sightings of best sellers in the wild.

In today’s post, we’ll discuss three different product promotion techniques used in this wine display:

  • Promoting your best sellers as social proof
  • Using sales to increase conversions
  • Using bulk purchase options to increase average order size

#Promoting your best sellers as social proof

One of the first things that jumps out to me in this wine display is the prominent featuring of the best seller rank. Each wine bottle shows this rank very clearly, such as Last Week #1.

Displaying the sales rank in this way can be a powerful motivator to potential shoppers. This can ultimately lead to one of these wines being chosen over another, non-ranked wine.

Why is this?

You see, the sales rank acts as social proof. Social proof helps motivate people to choose one wine bottle over another simply because it has a proven track record based on sales. This can help shoppers who can’t decide to make a decision.

The words Last Week add an extra boost to the sales rank to make it even more effective. Including the fact a wine was popular last week gives the sales rank more merit since sales are more recent. This lets shoppers know that this bottle was not just a best seller in the past, it is popular right now.

Showing the time period of the best sellers is a simple way to boost the effectiveness of your best seller ranks in the eyes of your shoppers.

In your Shopify store, you can also apply best seller promotion techniques by building your own best seller collections. You can then feature these best sellers prominently throughout your store to make even more sales.

#Using sales to increase conversions

Wine on sale

The next thing I noticed when looking at this wine promotion is the Sale tags. The sale tags do a great job of grabbing your attention since they stand out due to their bright color.

Seeing the sale price of the wine compared to the retail price makes the wine seem more affordable. This also can trigger the urgency effect as shoppers will want to get this wine before the sale ends.

However, if you put every item “On Sale”, such as you see in the above picture, it may diminish overall effect of this promotion technique. When every item is on sale, the sale is no longer a special thing, it becomes the norm.

When every item is on sale, it is easy for shoppers to start looking at the sale price as if it is really the retail price in disguise. The sense urgency tied to the sale may also go away if it seems like this “sale” will go on forever.

Used wisely, the combination of putting items on sale for a limited time can be a powerful promotion strategy for your Shopify store. This can be a great way to increase the overall conversion rate for your store.

#Using bulk purchase options to increase average order size

Wine by the case

The last thing that is worth a mention from this wine promotion is the use of bulk discount pricing. For example, the #6 best selling wine shown above offers an even better deal if you buy it by the case.

Offering a bulk discount price can motivate shoppers to buy much more than they normally would buy in order to qualify for the deal. In this case, the wine merchant is trading some of the profit margin per bottle in exchange for a much higher order size.

Bulk discounts can be a great way for you to motivate shoppers in your Shopify store to buy more. This can be a good strategy to try to increase your store’s average order size.

Make your best selling products sell even better
Best Sellers puts your best products front and center so they sell even better which means more money in your pocket.


In this post, we discussed a few product marketing techniques based on a local wine merchant’s display. This included:

  • Displaying last week’s best sellers to help shoppers buy based on social proof
  • Using on sale indicators to help shoppers convert based on urgency and a better price
  • Using bulk discounts to increase average order sizes

If you run across any best seller or other promotion techniques in the wild, feel free to send them my way and they may end up as a blog post right here.