Are your Shopify customers receiving your message?

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updated Feb 28, 2018
Are your Shopify customers receiving your message?

This past weekend my family and I went to see a Mazes & Brain Games exhibit at our local science museum.

The exhibit was filled with lots of mazes, brain teasers and puzzles. My personal favorite was a puzzle where you had to guide a laser through a maze using a series of mirrors.

However, there was one brain teaser I was not able to master no matter how hard I tried.

It was one of those Magic Eye pictures that were popular in the 90s like the one seen here:


I have been trying and failing to see these Magic Eye pictures ever since the first time I saw one back in college. It turns out I am not alone in being unable to see these hidden Magic Eye pictures.

Did you know, many of your Shopify customers may not be seeing the same thing in your store either?

You see, similar to my Magic Eye experience, some of your customers may be looking at your store in a completely different way.

Many of your customers may be skipping over or ignoring certain elements of your shop altogether. This means they may miss out on your promotions simply because they don’t know they exist.

In today’s post, we’ll discuss:

  • Why your Shopify customers may not be receiving your message
  • The key places to deliver your message to your customers
  • Making your promotional messages stand out

Why your Shopify customers may not be receiving your message

According to this Baymard Institute article, as many as 27% of your users won’t see your banners due to banner blindness.

The core of the issue is that users routinely skip banners as they’re scanning webpages. Many users associate banners with ads, internal site promotions, or other nonessential content, mainly because users have throughout years of general web usage been trained to ignore banners.

So if you are mainly using site-wide banners for your promotions, your promotions may not be as effective.

While the majority of users should still see your banners, just keep in mind that many users may be conditioned to ignore or skip over them.

The key places to deliver your message to your customers

The key to making sure your message is being received is to place your message throughout your Shopify store so it can’t be missed.

You should place your offer or promotion in as many places the customer is likely to visit during their checkout experience.

This will give your message the best chance of being seen.

Here is a list of the common areas on Shopify that you can add your offer details to:

  • The front page
  • Collection pages
  • Product pages
  • Search pages
  • The cart page

The more of these sections you can include your promotion details, the more likely your message will be received and your promotion will be a success.

Reinforcing the promotion details should also remove uncertainty as the customer progresses through each stage of the checkout which should help improve conversions.

Making your promotional messages stand out

Since users have become accustomed to blocking things out that look like ads, if you want your promotional messages to stand out you’ll want to make them not look like ads.

This means avoiding promotional banners that use similar sizes and placements as ads.

This is not to say site-wide banners are necessarily bad. Just keep in mind some percentage of your users may ignore them completely.

If you are using site-wide banners, you should consider adding additional promotional messages so you have your bases covered.

Product badges can work really well as an additional promotion technique. For example you could promote free shipping for a product by using a product badge as seen here:

You can also use some well-placed promotional text such as Free Shipping if you spend $50 or more.

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Let’s review what we discussed in today’s post.

When a customer visits your Shopify store, they may not always be receiving the message you are sending.

People have a tendency to overlook anything that looks like an ad, which includes site-wide banners.

Place your promotional message throughout every stage of the checkout process to make sure it is seen.

Make your message stand out by using product badges and well-placed promotional text.

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