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Are you recommending the right best sellers within your Shopify store?

March 21, 2017 Are you recommending the right best sellers within your Shopify store?

Back when I was in college, I used to like to drink a particular canned iced tea called Arizona Iced Tea. Every time I’d visit home, my mom would have this tea stocked and waiting in the fridge for me. Thoughtful right?

Arizona iced tea 300x300

Fast forward over a decade later and when I visit my mom the Arizona Iced Tea is still waiting for me like some sort of refrigerator time machine.

The trouble is, I stopped drinking Arizona Iced Tea years ago.

This scenario happens all the time in e-commerce.

Sally runs a clothing store Fictitious Fashion. She likes to supplement her regular inventory with Halloween costumes to make a bit more profit in October before the big holiday rush.

Every year Sally has a spike in interest for Halloween-themed apparel, which quickly drops off as Halloween approaches, and then flatlines.

If Sally is still promoting these Halloween costumes in November, this may be costing her sales during a period when sales are just starting to ramp up. Not to mention, these costumes are taking up valuable real-estate at the top of her best sellers list and collections.

you may be offering your customers products they are not likely to buy

If your store sells seasonal items like Sally, or products that are based on a particular event, you may be offering your customers products they are not likely to buy.

#The key to promoting the right best selling products

The key to promoting the right best selling products in your Shopify store all boils down to using the right time frame.

Your best seller ranks should be based on a date range that accurately reflects current customer buying patterns.

For some stores, this date range may vary depending on the time of year. For example, in Sally’s store she may choose to narrow the range to 1 week right after Halloween, and then expand it to several weeks once the seasonal costumes have fallen out of the best seller ranks.

#How this may impact your Shopify store

One of the ways this scenario plays out in Shopify is when you sort your collections with Shopify’s By best selling sort.

Up until very recently, Shopify’s best selling sort would order your collection based on all time sales within your shop. Shopify recently changed their best selling sort to be based on the past 30 days of sales, which is definitely much better.

However, for a store like Sally’s, she may still be promoting Halloween costumes well past Halloween using this 30 day sales window.

Every day your store is promoting the wrong best selling products is a missed opportunity to promote products that have a better chance of selling.

Even if your store does not sell seasonal items, you may want to review how your best seller rankings may change using a smaller or larger sales period.

High volume stores may benefit from using a 1-2 week sales period which would capture the more recent buying trends.

Lower volume stores may also benefit from including more than 30 days of sales to include more product sales in the calculations.


If your store sells seasonal items, or items with changing buying patterns, you may want to review how you are promoting your products to make sure you are promoting your actual best sellers.

It may also be worth experimenting with a custom sales period to see if it makes an impact on sales and conversions within your Shopify store.

Promoting the right products to your customers can make a big difference to your bottom line.

#How Best Seller Insights can help

My Shopify app, Best Seller Insights, was built specifically to help you promote the right best sellers throughout your Shopify store.

You can set a customizable sales period or 1-12 weeks, so you can compute your best sellers based on your store’s actual buying trends.

In addition, Best Seller Insights includes an enhanced best selling sort so you can order your collections using this custom sales period.

Promoting the right products within your store should make a measurable impact to your stores sales and profits.

If you’d like to start promoting the right best sellers, you can try Best Seller Insights free for 15 days by signing up over here.