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7 Key Motivations That Cause Shoppers To Buy From You

October 1, 2015 7 Key Motivations That Cause Shoppers To Buy From You

People buy for many reasons. Some buy out of necessity. Others buy because it makes them feel good. The list goes on and on.

Knowing the motivations of your audience can play a key part in helping convert them to happy, paying customers.

I recently came across this great list of reasons why people may be motivated to buy from you. This list is fairly exhaustive, covering 20 different buyer motivations.

I’ve cherry-picked the top 7 buyer motivations that relate to e-commerce shoppers.


Sometimes you buy because you need to replace old things you have

Buyers of replacement parts are probably more interested in convenience and price. Replacement products may also do well as a subscription service, or reminder email at the estimated replacement cycle (e.g. Fridge Filters).


This could be around collectibles or a perceived need that something may run out or have limited availability in the future.

If you run a collectibles store, or sell any limited run items, this may be a primary motivator for your buyers. Prominently placed countdown timers, or limited availability messaging should help increase conversions for scarce products.

#Lower prices

Something you identified earlier as a want is now a lower price than before.

A clearance or sale section of your store can appeal to these types of buyers.

For most stores, competing on price is tough to do since it requires getting a good deal from a supplier or buying in bulk. The buying power of stores like Amazon and Walmart make it unlikely most smaller stores will compete directly on price.

#Ego Stroking

Sometimes you make a purchase to impress/attract the opposite sex; to have something bigger/better than others, friends, etc. To look like an expert/aficionado; to meet a standard of social status

An ego-driven buyer is motivated by status and what others think of their purchase. Stores selling these types of products may do well to reenforce this imaging in product images and messaging throughout the site.

People feel better about themselves by feeling as though they’re giving to others, almost especially when they’re promised something in return.

If shopping at your store also results in a good deed being done, that’s a win / win. One common approach is to donate a percentage of sales to a specific charity or cause. You can also offer to plant a tree for each order.


From pink Taser™ stun guns to over-sized SUV’s to backyard bomb shelters–and even stuff so basic as a tire pressure gauge–are bought out of fear.

Fear is a powerful motivator. From kids products, to personal and home safety, there are a lot of stores that address common fears through product offerings.

Use caution if you are in this space. Don’t over sell the fear angle, lest you become a fearmonger.


Who doesn’t deserve a bit of luxury now and then?

Clothes, mimosas, fine leather goods. This category is all about treating yourself, because really, you deserve it.


As a store owner, it is important for you to get in touch with the motivations your buyers have when they purchase from you.

This will not only help you to empathize with them, but your messaging and communications can all be centered around these motivations.

This should ultimately lead to you connecting more with your prospective buyers and securing the sale.